We would love to have your participation in the music ministries here at Emmanuel Presbyterian!

Handbell Choir activities have resumed, and we hope that the choir will be returning soon as we look to hire a Music Director. Masking is still required during singing due to COVID-19 precautions.

In addition to the chancel choir and the handbell choir, there are many ways you can participate in the musical life at Emmanuel. If you play an instrument, you are invited to prepare a piece of special music for one of our worship services. Also, many of our choir anthems have parts for solo instruments.

If you sing but don’t have the time to commit to the choir, please feel free to speak with our pastor about a musical offering you may wish to do. There are also opportunities to participate in our Summer Special Music series while the choir is on hiatus. We encourage everyone who would like to share his or her talents, to have an opportunity to do so. Join us and help us bring the joy of music to our worship services. Whether you can commit to a group or a one-time performance, share your God given gifts with your Emmanuel family.

Chancel Choir [Schedule to be determined once a Music Director is hired.]
If you are interested in participating in this choir, or provide special music, please contact the Church Office.

Handbell Choir
The Handbell Choir rehearses every Sunday at 12:15 pm and plays in worship the second Sunday of each month, except July, August and September. If you read music, and would like to join this group, please contact the office. Cindy Gronbach, is our handbell choir director.