On Sunday, December 19, the 4th Sunday of Advent, Emmanuel enjoyed the premiere of our (former) Music Director Christopher M. Wicks’ “Crown of Sonnets for the Coming of Christ”.  The YouTube video is available above.

We would love to have your participation in the music ministries here at Emmanuel Presbyterian!

Handbell Choir activities have resumed, but Choir rehearsals and participation in liturgy are still on hold due to COVID-19 precautions. 

Once upon a time, the Music Ministry at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church was centered around a chancel choir and bell choir with a principle of “the more, the merrier!”  The COVID pandemic has required adaptations, as we follow government mandates.  Vocal ensembles, including both church members and professional singers, often sing now only on the third Sunday of the month, usually do not exceed four in number, and perform masked and distanced.  Vocal rehearsal time is kept to a minimum.  The bell choir rings masked, and plays pieces which do not require the exchanging of bells.  We involve solo string players on a regular basis, since violinists do not spread aerosols, and sometimes have services with only keyboard music.  Music director Christopher Wicks and bell choir director Cindy Gronbach work with the Pastor, Rev. Dr. Laurie Sponaugle, and other church authorities to balance aesthetic concerns with those of safety. We look forward to resuming our full schedule of chancel choir rehearsals and regular participation in liturgy once COVID-19 precautions are lifted.  

For information on our program when we resume our full Music Ministry:
In addition to the chancel choir and the handbell choir, there are many ways you can participate in the musical life at Emmanuel. If you play an instrument, you are invited to prepare a piece of special music for one of our worship services. Also, many of our choir anthems have parts for solo instruments. If you sing but don’t have the time to commit to the choir, please feel free to speak with our music director about a musical offering you may wish to do. There are also opportunities to participate in our Summer Special Music series while the choir is on hiatus. We encourage everyone who would like to share his or her talents, to have an opportunity to do so. Join us and help us bring the joy of music to our worship services. Whether you can commit to a group or a one-time performance, share your God given gifts with your Emmanuel family.

Chancel Choir [Schedule to be determined once COVID precautions are lifted.]
The Chancel Choir rehearses every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm and sings in worship the first, third, fourth (and fifth) Sundays of each month (with the exception of summer.) All are welcome to join our musical groups. If you would like to participate in this choir, or provide special music, please contact the Church Office.

Handbell Choir
The Handbell Choir rehearses every Sunday at 12:15 pm and plays in worship the second Sunday of each month, except July, August and September. If you read music, and would like to join this group, please contact the office. Cindy Gronbach, is our handbell choir director.