Women’s Bible Study will meet from 10:30 AM to noon on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays through the school year, in Classroom 1.  The 2022-2023 Horizons Bible Study entitled “Celebrating Sabbath” will be our focus.  The author invites study participants to embark on a “Sabbath journey” about how to embrace Sabbath as a restful and delightful gift from God “that has the potential to reform and redirect all our ways of living. It (Sabbath) should be the source and goal that inspires and nourishes the best of everything we do.” Are you intrigued?  We hope so.  Come and consider Old and New Testament Sabbath readings, and join inspiring discussions.  Your thoughts, your voice, and your caring presence will be valued. If you are interested in joining the Women’s Bible Study group, please contact the Church Office.  

“PW/Horizons Bible studies are prepared quite literally by and for Presbyterian women. Members of the Board of Directors Bible study committee invite and choose authors and themes. PW circles and groups field test and provide feedback on authors’ first drafts. Bible study authors are pastors, professors, and educators—faithful women who know PW.

The PW Purpose calls Presbyterian Women to nurture faith through prayer and Bible study. PW/Horizons studies are written from within the Reformed tradition and strengthen the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). All of our studies can be read and studied by individuals, but it is what the individuals discover together through group prayer and Bible study that nurtures Presbyterian Women.” PW Women Bible Study site